At the starting of the current school year I began teaching ‘full-time’ from home. Before then I had been teaching at a music studio about 15 miles away. As much as I loved the interaction with other teachers and their students that I came in contact with on a daily basis at the music studio,,…..I love teaching at home. It gives me the freedom to schedule lessons and other activities as I see fit. I love to have extra space to move around (that just isn’t possible in a small studio room). Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary for both student and teacher to get to their feet for stomping or marching different rhythms. I find this is an excellent way to teach dynamics/accents/new rhythmic patterns/etc.. Plus, it keeps the student engaged and energized as he learns a new skill. Of course, all of this action requires a certain level of noise… which makes it highly impractical if you’re teaching just on the other side of the wall from another lesson in progress. I find that this is one of the many reasons why I like teaching from home, you can have fun… and make as much noise as you want to!

Other reasons why I love having a home studio: flexible hours, no commute, being able to have dinner in the oven so it’s ready when the last lesson is over…. (haha? this doesn’t usually happen at my house! :-). But mostly I just love the fact that it’s possible to share the learning of music with others — this is my job — and I love it. But man, it’s such an added bonus to be able to work from home!

And having said all that, I still do see the benefit of teaching at a music school where you have access to other teachers, their ideas, and friendship. It’s also nice to have a broad range of abilities and instruments so students can collaborate together.

Do you teach at at in-home studio, or at an outside studio/school? What do you see as the pros/cons of your teaching situation?