I’m sure almost every teacher in America has had to think about the subject line above this winter.  We’ve had 3 big snowstorms so far (fingers crossed!). Luckily, I haven’t had to do too many make-up lessons.  But during one of the storms I felt like the roads were unsafe for Wednesday, so I sent out an email letting parents know that I was moving all scheduled lessons to Thursday.  It worked out for almost everyone.  There was a mom that couldn’t make it. And I scheduled a special make-up lesson for her son.

So, I guess my question is:  I’m I a huge push-over when it comes to make-up lessons???

I know that many teachers have a ‘no make-up’ policy that they stick to. And I know it probably works beautifully. Why can’t I do this?  Maybe it’s because I like to have the freedom to reschedule a lesson if something unexpected comes up on my personal calendar.  So I feel like it’s totally unfair to ask my students to (very occasionally) reschedule for me, when I won’t (very occasionally…..for the most part) reschedule for them.  Every year I think I’ll do better — stick to my guns — but every year it seems like a friend comes in from out of town… and she’ll only be here on Monday afternoon…. and I won’t see her again for years…. and she reeeeally wants to get together for the day….. 🙂   Here we go again!

What is your missed lesson/make-up policy?  Are you better at keeping it than I am?  Don’t be shy – I won’t get my feelings hurt!  🙂

Happy Monday!