Sometimes as teachers we need a copy of a score… for free.  Why?  Maybe for memory purposes (cut and paste technique), or to look at a different edition than the one you or the student have.  Or maybe you just need to see a copy of a score that you don’t own.  How about when you’re scheduled to accompany a violinist but you’d really rather start working on the score before he brings you the music next week. 🙂

Ok, so there are tons of sites out there claiming free sheet music downloads… but are they legit?  And, when you narrow down the good ones, then you have to narrow that pile to the best ones.  I like a site that has simple interface that’s friendly and easy to use.  So, here are a few sites that I’ve found.

Sheet Music Fox – I like the interface of this site — but there’s not tons and tons of music here. Still, I would go here to see if what I needed was available.

Musopen – Again, this site looks good with a friendly interface, but there’s not a huge selection. Would probably check this site, too, since it seems easy to use.

Mutopia – Naturally, the site with (by far) the biggest selection of music has the search interface that I like the least… but the selection is great, so I can deal.

Do you have a sheet music site that you like? Please share!

*And note that the above websites claim they only allow free downloads on music in the public domain — but always carefully check copyright info before you use with wild abandon!  🙂