The piano festivals for Richmond Music Study Club were held yesterday. The festivals were hosted at the local university downtown.

I only had a few students who opted to participate (and it’s optional in my studio) — and I’m anxious to find out how they did. I know they were all very prepared, but sometimes nerves and the unexpected happen!

Naturally, I had judging responsibilities, which I truly enjoy. Most all of the students in my room played well and came well prepared. Of course, there were a few that had problems… but nerves always have something to do with it — which is why it’s so good to have your students participate in events like festivals… the more you play, the calmer you’ll feel under the pressure.  It’s always fun to judge though, I enjoy greeting every student by name and with a smile, to help put them as much at ease as possible. I also love to hear the students play and give constructive criticism (and just plain ‘ol complements!).

Are the Music Study Club Festivals coming up in your area?  Do you have students participating?