I’m sure you all remember my posts detailing the workshop, hosted by our local music teachers association, featuring the clinician Narciso Solero.  (if you’d like a refresher, you can find the posts – Part I here – and Part II  here)

I haven’t forgotten about these lectures. Why?  Because I use the teaching/practice elements detailed in the workshop all the time with my beginning students.  And I see a world of difference. No joke.  My kids read better now. They’re more proficient with their note names and the topography of the keyboard in general.  I’m truly amazed by the results I see (when the students are following the given practice guidelines, naturally 🙂 ).

So, I’m a big fan of Mr. Solero  — now, just imagine my surprise when I opened my Inbox on Monday morning and found, not only comments on the workshop blog posts (check them out – they’re there),  but also a personal email from Narciso Solero!  He had kind words about the blog posts about his workshop (which I was more than willing to share with my readers… since I’ve had such good success with the concepts covered!).  Over the course of the week we’ve exchanged a few email — and something that he mentioned about teaching prompted me to invite him to write a guest post for Notes of Joy if he ever had the time/desire.  So, we’ll see — but maybe we’ll all be lucky enough to hear from him! Stay tuned!

And have a wonderful weekend!