Hi Everyone-

Please read the comment below from Narciso Solero. He has agreed to do a guest post for Notes of Joy — but he’d like to hear what’s on our minds first!  Do you have a topic that you’d like to see covered by a master teacher and clinician?  Please post in the comments section with your suggestions!

From Mr. Solero:

Hi, again! Thanks so much for the kind words about my seminar! Another teacher in RMTA once wrote the following to me after my first program in Richmond in 2008: “Thank you for giving so much of yourself.   It is obvious you love what you do and you love sharing what you know.”

I am so appreciative of this, because I do in fact LOVE music, love the piano, love teaching, and love to share it with others.  Thank you, Anya, for inviting me to do a guest post for Notes of Joy! You may remember that, prior to my workshop in Richmond in October 2009, that I asked for input from everyone as to which program they would like to hear. So now, I ask: what would you like me to speak about in my post? I am open for suggestions! Let me know!”

So, there you have it? What would you like to read about? Leave your comment below!

And Happy Monday!