I’ve recently been helping a fellow teacher with setting up a free studio website through WordPress.   Since I typed out all the steps, I figured I would share them with my readers… just in case some of you are looking to start a website for your studio.

Keep in mind: I think a WordPress site is perfect for teachers who want a place to send prospective (or current) students where they can learn about studio policies and upcoming events — but not necessarily for teachers who want a lot of bells and whistles.  You can, however, very easily add photos and video to any WordPress site.

My studio website is through WordPress — and it works beautifully for me.  You can visit it here: http://campbellpianostudio.com

Ready to learn? Here goes:

Steps for Creating Your Studio Website Through WordPress.com

1) go to http://wordpress.com
2) click on the orange ‘sign up now’ button
3) fill out the form (your username will be the name of your blog — so make sure it’s descriptive — I called mine campbellpianostudio)
4) make sure the box is checked at the bottom of the page that says ‘gimme a blog’
5) on the next page name your blog – like I said – I called mine campbellpianostudio
6) check your email — you should receive an activation email from wordpress.com — click on the link provided to activate your account
7) click on ‘login’ and type your login info — this will take you to your dashboard (where you can change settings and see stats and all that good stuff)

Ok – now your site is all ready for you to start typing in the info about your studio — or whatever information you want prospective students to know.  This will take some digging around in the dashboard (trial and error) to get it the way you want it — but don’t be afraid! You can’t hurt anything — and if you change something and don’t like the way it looks you can always change it back.

All down the left side of the dashboard page there are links that allow you to make a new post — or change the sites appearance.  For example, click on ‘settings’ and you can change the tagline and the time settings.   Or, click on ‘header’ and you can change the picture at the top of the page.

Ok, folks, this should get you going.  Please leave me a comment  if you’ve finished these steps and need a little more help. I’m happy to walk through the steps to customize your site.   Good luck! 🙂

I think the main thing is just to get in there and go for it — at first it feels confusing — but you’ll have the hang of it in no time!