…but my studio recital has to happen first!  Happily, nearly all of my students are ready to go… and this is a good thing, since recital is on Tuesday!

After that I’ll nail down the final plans for my upcoming summer camp “Music Through the Ages” — I’ll post the syllabus once I get everything together.  Looking forward to it!

My thanks to Narciso Solero for sharing his thoughts on “Keeping Teenagers Engaged in Lessons Through High School” for the guest post.  I also wanted to mention that Mr. Solero is available to do music teacher workshops and student masterclasses.  Our local association  has hosted a couple workshops with Narciso, and they are fantastic.  I would encourage any and all local teacher groups to check into his workshop offerings. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  Contact him here: Narciso Solero, piano teacher – Arlington, Virginia.

Here’s hoping all of your spring recitals were a hit… and that you’re settling into your summer schedule!