Is it already August?  No way.  Are there any other summers out there that are flying by?  Please tell me I’m not alone! 🙂

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated…  My planned music camp fell through — students had prior plans/vacations, and it just didn’t work out.  I’ve put the idea out there about maybe doing a few music appreciation classes at the beginning of the school year (yeah, that’s next month!),  so maybe that’ll work out.  I was/am really excited about teaching music history/appreciation simply because I love it so much.  The whole idea for a camp/classes came to me one day as I listened to a Mozart Piano Concerto.  I was overcome with joy as the music filled my car and then this thought struck me:  “I wonder if any of my students would be as thrilled by this as I am?” After pondering this thought for a moment, and coming up with the answer being a resounding “No.”,  my next thought was: “Should I be doing something about this?” And so began the idea of imparting the joy of the Greats — not only through performance, but also through listening  (although it’s ALL about listening, isn’t it?).    So, we’ll see what comes of it — and then I’ll have done my part to help with the next generation of Classical music lovers.  🙂

For myself, I’ve been focusing on memorizing music this summer. Famous classical works that I’ve never gotten around to committing to memory (Gershwin Prelude 1, Haydn and Mozart Sonata movements, Fur Elise, etc.), and also some famous fun ones (Linus and Lucy, Pink Panther, etc).   I always tell my students to keep a few memory pieces current and ready to roll in case the need arises…. and I found myself slipping in that area. It’s been fun and liberating to get off the page!

Other than that I’ve just been teaching away. A lot of my students are taking lessons over the summer. More than usual since I’m planning to take a break for a while after my daughter arrives.   I only have 10 weeks to go!  So excited to finally meet our little addition!

What have you been up to this summer?